Thank you so much for helping us with the photos, they are exactly what we are after! I am really happy with these and it made our lives so much easier. I took a few photos too and they are terrible compared to yours :-)
— Annelise Haddon - Auckland Food Show
Thank you so much - it was a pleasure having you photograph our dinner. I received so much amazing feedback about the quality of the photos and being able to showcase them during the dinner.
— Jason Thomas (Dinner with the stars)

Event photography is a great way to gain web and social media content as well as gathering a library of images to help promote future events - and of course a fun record of memories to look back on. 
We are available throughout Auckland and New Zealand wide providing unobtrusive professional coverage having had experience in a variety of events large and small. 

All of the edited images are provided via a private online link in both high resolution (great for printing) and low resolution (perfect for social media + website use).
Images can be expected within 2 business day's and an express turnaround is available for media release upon request.  

Enquire now to discuss your event or request a quote.

I’m stoked with your work and the quality of photography. And you can put this on record from a guy from travel media who see a lot of photos :) I’ll surely find you again for more work.
— Harmeet Sehgal Editor & General Manager NZ Business Traveller
A big thank you for providing great shots and for being flexible with ….well everything. It was a pleasure to meet you and to have you on board.
— NZ International Education Conference
Lissa your photos are amazing! I absolutely love them, the weather looked gorgeous and you ticked everything on the brief (even a DOG eating ice cream I mean we never had that in any other location)
— Fairfax Events (Openair Outdoor Cinema)
Thank you so much for the photos! They are sooo awesome. You are so awesome and easy to work with. Really appreciate it! Would love to have you on board for more events in the future.
— Chonaire Huriwai (CMS)