floating office

A floating office

Its cosy in winter and cool in summer, it has a lovely indoor-outdoor flow with a fantastic backyard and....... it floats!!! 

My partner and I live on our yacht in Auckland, it serves us well as our home, my office and our holiday home. We have power and unlimited internet plus all the comforts of home but on a very little scale.

.......we can take our home and office away on holiday.......

Working on the yacht is very easy and comfortable. It has made my processing and editing time much more efficient. Instead of walking to another level to make a snack or cup of tea it's only 4 steps to the kitchen. It's a great space to work and I love the gentle swaying movements the boat makes when the wind picks up.

We moved onboard in October 2015 and now that we have experienced a Summer and Winter we are not planning on moving back on land anytime soon - even though I often take up most of the boat when preparing for shoots.